Introducing the "Live Load" service

505-Junk is reinventing the commercial junk removal experience so it is a more transparent and economical solution for our clients. We work with some of the largest construction and property management companies in Canada to ensure we deliver our service on time and on budget. It is our mission to continuously find ways to increase efficiency, divert waste from the landfill, and reduce the overall cost of commercial junk removal.

Benefits of the "Live Load"

  • We have Measurement Canada certified scales built into our trucks, so you only pay for the exact weight that we take away.
  • We send two highly trained and uniformed truck team members to do all the loading and lifting.
  • With 7 trucks running all week, we are very responsive and accommodate same-day requests.
  • 505-Junk is the largest and highest-rated commercial junk removal company in Western Canada.
  • We remove your junk from wherever it’s located, allowing your team to focus on what you do best.
  • We specialize in diverting waste from the landfill and provide full reporting for LEED projects and other diversion goals.

There are a few key differentiators that separate 505-Junk from the rest: 

Industry leaders: We have developed a reputation working with leading companies in construction and property management. 

Responsiveness: We have 7 trucks that operate throughout the week, including weekends.

Professionalism: We send a highly-trained and uniformed truck team of 2 to every job site. They are trained in customer service, safety, and material stacking to maximize the amount of material to fit into the truck. All employees are covered by WCB, and we carry $5,000,000 in liability insurance. 

Scalability: We can send multiple trucks and crews to a single job site if required. 

Transparent pricing: Each of our trucks are equipped with onboard weighing systems, so you only pay for the exact amount of weight that we haul away. Our pricing is very straightforward. We charge a $79 pick up fee plus a cost per pound depending on the location and type of material. 

All-inclusive live loading service: Our pricing includes all labour, transportation, and disposal fees. Your crews simply point to what they want gone. 

LEED and diversion projects: Our pay-by-weight model allows us to track waste diversion for LEED projects. We help our clients prepare for LEED projects, communicate procedures to increase diversion rate, and provide full reporting. 

Clear invoicing: All invoices include the site address, the site contact, a P.O. number, and any other information required by your company.

Low minimum charge: Our minimum charge is 200 pounds, therefore we can accommodate smaller pickups for a low cost. Alternatively, we can send multiple trucks and teams to one job site for larger projects. 

Drywall removal: We are specialists in handling and transporting new and used drywall. Fill out the form below to learn more about requirements from New West Gypsum for proper recycling.

Scheduling multiple site-visits: If you require 505-Junk at various locations at the same time, we can schedule multiple trucks at different areas.

 1. Simply call 604-505-5865, and our team member will have just a few questions about the site and the type of material. 

2. We schedule a 2-hour arrival window on the day that works for the site contact. 

a. Our truck teams call the site contact when they are 15-30 minutes away. 

3. Our truck teams will arrive on site, establish a load plan, and start loading.

a. We are able to pick up piles in multiple areas of the site if required.

b. We will sweep any areas that we remove material from, and clean up around the truck. 

4. An invoice is sent electronically with a copy of the total weight.

Want to learn more about our unique "Live Load" service?