Junk Removal Rates

With our unique pay-by-weight pricing system, we offer some of the most exact and competitive junk removal rates in the Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley areas. Our trucks have built-in scale systems that are over 99% accurate and Measurement Canada certified, which means you only pay for the exact amount of weight that is taken away. This eliminates any guesswork, keeps your costs way down, and is much more accurate. You can relax knowing that our pricing includes all labour, transportation, and recycling fees, so you can save your back and simply point to what you want gone!

Outside Rates

$79 + $0.29/lb

Inside Rates

$79 + $0.32/lb

Apartment Rates

2nd Floor & Up

$79 + $0.35/lb

Aggregates Rates


$79 + $0.12/lb

Surcharged Items

  • Drywall $79 pickup fee + $0.37, $0.40, $0.45/lb
  • Mattresses $40/unit
  • Box Springs $40/unit
  • Drywall must meet specific recycling criteria. Please call for details.
  • A 200-pound minimum applies to all pick ups.
  • Aggregates include clean concrete, rock, dirt, and brick.

Please call 1-855-505-5865 or book online to schedule your pick up.