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Whether you’re managing a property or a construction site, we not only make removing unwanted materials easy, we also make sure it’s done in the most professional, reliable, and environmentally responsible way possible. But while we take the time to do things right, we also work fast so you can too.

Keeping Junk off
the Job Site

We’re so proficient at keeping construction sites free of waste (like drywall, wood, metal, and more) that we’ve quickly become one of the leaders in the industry. Thanks to our Live Load service, you no longer need giant costly bins taking up much-needed space. Our team simply shows up whenever your junk is ready to go and removes it from your job site as fast as possible.

Property Management Waste Solutions

So, some stranger decided to leave an old sofa in the back alley behind your building. Or, your tenants’ storage lockers are in desperate need of spring cleaning. Or, name any other inconvenient junk scenario you’d rather not deal with. At 505-Junk, we handle anything and everything you need to get rid of, whether it’s on a regularly scheduled pick-up or any random time unwanted items decide to pop up on the property you’re managing.

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