Junk Removal

Residential Services

Exceptional Services for Wherever You’re At

No matter where your junk is, we’re happy to come and take it off your hands. Whether it’s in your house, outside your door, or at your apartment, we’ll come to you and help you say goodbye to the things you don’t want anymore. We offer specific rates for three types of residential locations. But no matter what, we always offer an honest price based on weight.

Outside House
Junk Removal

If you’ve already done some of the work for us by placing your junk outside, reducing your rate is a no brainer. We’ll simply handle the rest of the heavy lifting and present you with a price that says, “Thanks for helping us get your unwanted materials out of your hair faster.”

Inside House
Junk Removal

When you just want the pros to handle everything, we’re here to make it happen. We make reclaiming your space and removing your junk fast, fair, and easy. Wherever it is in your house, we’ll get it out the door, into our truck, and off to the transfer station without you having to lift a finger or any junk at all.

Apartment Junk Removal

When your apartment starts to feel more like a storage unit, 505-Junk will help you make it feel like home again. Our pay-by-weight service includes great starting rates for removing unwanted items from apartment complexes and highrises, so you can take back your space.

It’s Time for Your
Junk to Go

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