Waste Removal

Fast-Track Construction Waste Removal

We’ve worked with enough construction companies to know that bins are often better at wasting space and money than they are at holding waste. That’s why we’ve made it our business to provide an honest junk removal service that makes our clients, and their job sites, look good.

Live Load Beats Big Bins

Why do we call our service Live Load? We like to think of it like a live performance: we show up live and in person, we do what we do best, and you’re left extremely impressed. This service is specifically designed to help you remove drywall, wood, metal, or any other waste material piled up on site—without the need for space-sucking bins. All you have to do is schedule a regular pick up or simply call us whenever you need us, and we’ll have two of our pros show up to take care of any junk. Then, we’ll weigh it all on the spot, price it up, and send you a detailed invoice with an honest price and nothing to hide.

The diversion tracking scale on a 505-Junk truck.

The Industry Leader of All Things Junk

505-Junk’s service comes second to none, and a big reason for this is our one-of-a-kind onboard weighing system. But while our truck is an innovative tool that allows for the most transparent pricing in the industry, our people and our professional service are what make us an unbeatable partner. We offer everything you need to manage junk easily: dedicated account managers, custom invoicing, and waste management reports. That means we show you where every pound of material goes after it’s left your site. We perform waste diversion and LEED tracking, so you know your unwanted materials are disposed of in a way that meets the highest industry standards.

Get your junk off site and out of mind.

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