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505-Junk Teams up with Pacific Solutions Contracting To Go Green

Pacific Solution Contracting and 505-Junk Partnership

At 505-Junk, sustainability is at the core of everything we do, and that’s why we take pride in our partnership with Pacific Solutions Contracting, a like-minded eco-friendly company in the world of construction. Together, we are on a mission to make a profound difference in the fight against waste and deforestation. 

Creating a Greener River District

For every material we diverted from the landfill on a recent job site in the River District area of Vancouver, our commitment was to plant a specific number of trees based on the final diversion percentage, magnifying our green impact and contributing to the creation of a cleaner planet.

With unwavering determination, our teams worked in harmony to divert wood, cardboard, packing materials, pallets, and much more. Throughout the process of the entire job, 25,090 lbs of material was recycled and diverted from local landfills.

Our partnership takes pride in our comprehensive approach to diverting construction materials from landfills. Together we understand the significant environmental impact of construction waste and are dedicated to minimizing it through innovative and sustainable practices. Our teams work together to employ sorting and recycling techniques, ensuring that materials such as wood, cardboard, metal, and other construction debris are given a new lease on life.

Through careful evaluation, we determine which materials can be salvaged and repurposed. 

  • Wood: Is diverted for recycling or repurposed into other useful products, reducing the need for new lumber and conserving valuable resources. 
  • Cardboard Is meticulously sorted and sent to recycling facilities, where it is transformed into reusable materials for various industries.
  • Metals: Are meticulously sorted and sent to recycling facilities, transforming them into raw materials for manufacturing industries.

505-Junk and Pacific Solutions Contracting Plant Trees

Thanks to the combined efforts of 505-Junk and Pacific Solutions Contracting, our joint endeavour on this project achieved a 60% diversion rate from local landfills. As we celebrate this milestone, we recognize that it is only the beginning. With this diversion percentage, both companies will be planting 60 trees each, leaving a legacy of environmental stewardship for future projects.

Our partnership with Pacific Solutions Contracting exemplifies the potential for positive change when two companies unite with a shared vision of sustainability. By planting 120 trees in total, we aim to inspire others in the waste management industry and beyond to embrace eco-conscious practices. 

Keep an eye out for future collaborations with 505-Junk and Pacific SolutionsContracting.