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505-Junk Now Providing Fraser Valley Junk Removal – Meet Harjot S. Bains!

We are excited to announce that 505-Junk now provides Langley and Fraser Valley junk removal. Harjot S. Bains, our newest manager for the Fraser Valley & Langley Franchise, has been a valued member of our 505-Junk team for some time. He’s been instrumental in our Truck Team Operations, Truck Team Management and Customer Support efforts.

Always knowing he wanted to own his own business, Harjot chose 505-Junk after working with us for over a year. His territory will be Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Langley and Mission (Fraser Valley-Langley).

Inspired by a proud family tradition of entrepreneurship

“I grew up in a family where I saw my Father and my Uncles running a logistics service company, from having our own transport contracts, designing custom-built trucks and workshops to our own gas stations. I always admired the opportunities that the company created for people.”

We could not be more pleased that Harjot is the franchise manager of the Fraser Valley & Langley Franchise! Harjot sees running a 505-Junk Franchise as a good move for him – but also a great thing for the communities he’ll serve!

“My family inspired me to build something through which I can have a positive impact,” says Harjot. “I’ve always been inspired by the power of change for good that an organization can have on our community and industry.”

Now providing Langley and Fraser Valley junk removal!

Langley, Chilliwack and the surrounding areas are among BC’s fastest-growing communities. For example, in 2016 the Township of Langley saw population up 12.6 percent, increasing to 117,285 residents. Did you know that in Chilliwack and the surrounding area population increased 7.5 percent from 77,936 in 2011 to 83,788 in 2016?

A growing population means growing junk and debris. Recently a truckload of garbage was illegally dumped down a steep embankment and over a pristine creek not far from a fish hatchery. Harjot hopes to help prevent these unfortunate occurrences. As a proud community member of the Fraser Valley community, Harjot sees 505-Junk as an integral part of community health. He looks forward to exceeding client expectations with incredible service and budget-friendly, eco-friendly junk removal.

Harjot also looks forward to working closely with local charities and donating as much as possible to them. Another priority of Harjot’s is to “repurpose” and divert as much material as possible away from landfills – a founding principle of 505-Junk. Our award-winning junk removal and recycling company offers you year-round, affordable and eco-friendly commercial, construction, and residential pickups. We charge by weight, not volume using state-of-the-art onboard weighing systems in our trucks. This can add up to significant savings because you pay only for the weight of your load versus an estimate based on truck volume. If you need Fraser Valley junk removal, give us a call 7-days a week at 1-855-505-5865 or book online today.

Welcome to the 505-Junk Family, Harjot!

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Harjot’s father came from India to congratulate his son and assist with the launch.