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Successful Shoreline Cleanup

505-Junk, Platinum Proclaim Restoration, and Richmond Chamber of Commerce Join Forces to Preserve Richmond’s Natural Beauty

On Saturday, September 16th, 505-Junk, Platinum Proclaim Restoration, and the Richmond Chamber of Commerce proudly united their efforts to conduct an environmentally impactful shoreline cleanup across three locations in Richmond. The collaborative initiative, supported by over 100 dedicated volunteers, resulted in the removal of approximately 2,800 pounds of debris and waste materials from Garry Point, Terra Nova, and Nelson Road shorelines.

The event was a remarkable demonstration of community spirit and environmental stewardship as volunteers, armed with gloves and enthusiasm, combed the shoreline areas to restore their natural beauty. One of the highlights of the event was the presence and support of Ocean Legacy, a nonprofit organization dedicated to cleaning up plastic pollution from our oceans. Their participation underscored the importance of preserving our local shorelines as a part of the global effort to protect our marine ecosystems.

After the extensive cleanup operation, all collected materials were transported to Platinum Proclaim Restoration’s warehouse, where a dedicated team sorted and processed them for recycling. The result was an outstanding 89% diversion rate from the landfill, showcasing the commitment of the organizers and volunteers to minimize waste and protect our environment.

The combined efforts of 505-Junk, Platinum Proclaim Restoration, and the Richmond Chamber of Commerce made a significant positive impact on Richmond’s coastal ecosystems.

Barry Hartmn, CEO of 505-Junk: “We are thrilled to have collaborated with Platinum Proclaim Restoration and the Richmond Chamber of Commerce in this shoreline cleanup effort. The strong community turnout and impressive diversion rate highlight our collective dedication to preserving the beauty of Richmond’s shorelines. We are excited to set this up for many years to come.”

505-Junk would like to extend their sincere gratitude to all the volunteers, sponsors, and supporters who contributed to the success of this event. Their dedication and hard work have left a lasting impression on Richmond’s shoreline and inspire hope for a cleaner, more sustainable future.

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