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Areas our Junk Removal Burnaby Teams Cover

Our junk removal Burnaby teams cover all areas of Burnaby, including North Burnaby, Brentwood Park, Central Burnaby, Government Road, Burnaby Lake, Highgate, Edmonds, Metrotown, Suncrest, Big Bend, Deer Lake, Garden Village and more. We help both residential and commercial clients in Burnaby with garage clean ups, basement clear outs, storage clear outs, donations, construction site clean ups, renovation debris removal, rubbish removal and much more. And if you live outside of Burnaby, BC, we go there too.

Give us a call at 604-505-5865 today to find out more information about our junk removal services.

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Locally Owned

A Local Business Going Beyond

At 505-Junk, we understand the importance of being a locally owned junk removal company in Burnaby. Our ten pay-by-weight trucks serve the entire Greater Vancouver and Lower Mainland area, providing the most honest pricing for junk removal services to both our local and broader community. When considering your junk removal options, choose a trusted and reliable local business like 505-Junk Burnaby.

Cost Estimator

Where’s Your Junk?

Let us know your location, and we’ll provide a quick estimate. Rates include an $89 pickup fee on the first 200 lbs of material. Minimum charges may vary depending on location.

Outside + House

$163 + GST

Anything over 200lbs is charged at $0.37/lb

Inside + House

$169 + GST

Anything over 200lbs is charged at $0.40/lb


$175 + GST

Anything over 200lbs is charged at $0.43/lb

Cost Estimator

Estimate Your Weight

All of our trucks have Measurement Canada-certified scales built into them, so you only pay for the exact amount of weight removed.

Cost Estimator Weight
Cost Estimator Weight
Cost Estimator Weight
Cost Estimator Weight
Cost Estimator Weight
Cost Estimator Weight

Cost Estimator

Your Estimated Price Will Be Between

This estimate includes our pickup base rate of , which covers the first 200 lbs. Any additional junk is calculated at

Note: some items have additional surcharge fees that may affect your estimate.

See Surcharge Rates Right Arrow
Surcharge Items
Mattress  $40  Per Unit
Box Spring  $40  Per Unit
Crib Mattress  $15  Per Unit
Large Tires  $40  Per Unit
Regular Tires  $20  Per Unit
Full Paint Cans  $5  Per Can
Other Items
Drywall Outside  $0.44  /lb
Drywall Inside  $0.47  /lb
Drywall Apartment  $0.50  /lb
Green Waste  $0.44  /lb
Insulation   Call for Pricing
Aggregates   Call for Pricing

Book Now

Discounts may apply for larger weights. Call for fee quote.

Surcharge Items
Mattress  $40  Per Unit
Box Spring  $40  Per Unit
Crib Mattress  $15  Per Unit
Large Tires  $40  Per Unit
Regular Tires  $20  Per Unit
Full Paint Cans  $5  Per Can
Other Items
Drywall Outside  $0.44  /lb
Drywall Inside  $0.47  /lb
Drywall Apartment  $0.50  /lb
Green Waste  $0.44  /lb
Insulation   Call for Pricing
Aggregates   Call for Pricing

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    This is how we do junk removal.

    Every reason to call 505-Junk Burnaby

    Our honest pricing is great, but we offer so much more than that. Not only have we gone above and beyond to make sure our prices are fair, we also always go the extra mile to make sure we’re fast, friendly, and even friendlier to the environment when it comes to junk removal in Burnaby.

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    We train our staff to be the best in the business, which is why they proudly wear the 505-Junk uniform when safely loading your junk.

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    We don’t need to toot our own horn. Our clients do that for us regularly on Yelp, Google, and Facebook with 5-star reviews.

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    With ten trucks running seven days a week, we’re so speedy we can often answer your call and pick up your junk on the same day.

    sustainability icon


    By partnering with transfer stations, recyclers, and charities who care for the environment too, we keep junk out of landfills whenever possible.

    Junk Removal Burnaby

    Pay by Weight, Not by Chance

    At 505-Junk Burnaby, we’ve scrapped volume pricing and use custom trucks with certified onboard weighing systems to provide transparent junk removal services.

    News & Culture

    Removing Junk
 For Good

    As a Burnaby junk removal company who disposes of unwanted materials, we believe it’s our responsibility to make sure we’re not part of the environmental problem. Recycling, sustainability initiatives, and charity partnerships are just a few ways we do junk removal a little different to make a big difference for the planet. That’s why we’ve taken part in five major shoreline cleanups, and removed 17,000 lbs from our local beaches to date.

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    locations Served

    Other Areas We Service

    While Burnaby is one of our primary service areas, 505-Junk is proud to serve the entire Lower Mainland. We are committed to providing reliable and efficient junk removal services to residents and businesses throughout the Lower Mainland, ensuring that unwanted items are disposed of in an eco-friendly and sustainable manner. So whether you need junk removal services in Burnaby or any other community in the Lower Mainland, you can count on us to get the job done right.

    You asked, so we answered

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Q: What is 505-Junk?
    A: 505-Junk is a junk removal service that helps customers get rid of unwanted items from their homes offices and construction sites across the Burnaby area.

    Q: What types of items does 505-Junk remove?
    A: 505-Junk removes a wide range of items including furniture, appliances, electronics, construction debris, and other household junk.

    Q: Does 505-Junk offer same-day service?
    A: Yes, 505-Junk offers same-day junk removal service for its customers’ convenience in Burnaby. Call 604-505-5865 to schedule your junk removal today.

    Q: Does 505-Junk provide free quotes?
    A: Yes, 505-Junk provides free, no-obligation quotes to all customers. Call 604-505-5865 or fill out the form above to get your free junk removal quote.

    Q: Does 505-Junk recycle or donate items?
    A: 505-Junk makes every effort to recycle or donate items whenever possible, to help reduce waste in local landfills and support local communities in and around Burnaby.

    Q: Does 505-Junk serve residential and commercial customers?
    A: Yes, 505-Junk serves both residential and commercial customers in the Burnaby area.

    Q: How does the pricing for 505-Junk work?
    A: The pricing for 505-Junk is based on the weight of the items to be removed. Visit our rates page for more information on our junk removal costs.

    Q: Is there a minimum charge for 505-Junk services?
    A: Yes, there is a minimum charge for 505-Junk services in Burnaby, depending on your location and the items to be removed. Visit our rates page to learn more about minimum charges in for junk removal in Burnaby.

    Q: Does 505-Junk provide labour services?
    A: Yes, 505-Junk provides all labour services, including loading and hauling, as part of its junk removal services.

    Have more questions our junk removal Burnaby services? Call 604-505-5865 today.

    Efficient Pickup and Rubbish Removal Services.

    What We Remove


    • Mattresses
    • Box Springs
    • Pianos
    • Books
    • Paper
    • Couches
    • Sofa Beds
    • Furniture


    • Fences
    • Furnaces
    • Pallets
    • Cardboards
    • Carpet
    • Decks
    • Wood
    • Drywall


    • Fridges
    • Freezers
    • Televisions
    • Computers
    • Monitors
    • Washer
    • Dryers
    • Appliances

    Everything Else

    • Hot Tubs
    • Clutter
    • Sheds
    • Tires
    • Satellite Dishes
    • Scrap Metal
    • Lawnmowers
    • And much more…

    Contact Information

    Junk Removal Burnaby

    Phone: (604) 505-5865
    Email: sales@505junk.com

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