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Drywall Removal Vancouver

505-Junk employee clearing demolished building materials during a renovation removal in Richmond.

Drywall Removal Vancouver – Tips and Tricks

Drywall Removal Vancouver | Construction and renovations can be stressful. Whether you are doing it yourself or you are a contractor managing the process for clients, you are guaranteed to end up with more scraps than you plan to have and that’s where we are here to help! We take all types of construction materials from wood, insulation, metals, plastics and, of course, drywall. We always send a truck team of 2 out to do all the loading and lifting for you, whether the waste materials are located in apartments, condos, houses or even outside! All you have to do it point and it’s gone.

One of the most difficult materials to dispose of is drywall. The regulations around drywall are very strict and the fines for not following these regulations can be very steep. We want to make drywall recycling as easy and stress-free as possible for you. All drywall that we take must either have a date stamp on it or be accompanied by a testing sheet that shows that it has been tested within the last 6 months. That’s why we have created a list of helpful tips for your next project!

Drywall Recycling Procedures and Tips

  • If you are installing new drywall, we recommended that the first thing you do is cut out a drywall date stamp and put it aside for disposal purposes. Often the offcuts from installing new drywall may not show a date stamp. For us to recycle the load, it would need to be tested. Putting a piece with a date stamp aside would avoid testing.
  • If you are removing old drywall from a unit, we recommend that you get the testing complete before starting any of the demolition to ensure that the drywall does not contain asbestos. We have listed a few testing facilities below. Call us at 604-505-5865 if you have any questions about the testing facilities.
  • If you have already started removing the drywall, we recommend that you keep an eye out for any dates stamps and put them aside in a safe place. Having a date-stamped piece will prevent having to test the drywall for asbestos.

Drywall Testing Facilities

If you are needing to test your drywall, here is a list of facilities that we recommend:

Other materials like wood, metals and plastics are all taken to a private transfer station. The materials are all sorted and recycled accordingly by placed in separate piles or bins. This helps us do our part to keep your material out of the landfill.

Give us a call at 604-505-5865 seven-days a week to learn more about drywall recycling procedures. We can schedule your next pick up to free up space for your renovation.

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