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Back to School Decluttering with 505-Junk

It’s that time of year again! The summer is coming to an end and the kids are going back to school, which can be a very overwhelming time of year for most parents. You need to get the family back on to a regular schedule, declutter the house, and complete the back-to-school shopping. We want to help you make the back to school transition as seamless as possible.

The back to school decluttering process

We know how hard it can be getting back into your regular routine. The best advice we can offer is to start with the decluttering process. 

  • Collect any old items that you no longer need or use. 
  • Clear out the clothes that no longer fit your child from their closet to make room for new items.
  • Call 505-Junk to pick up your unwanted items and clothing for donation.

Once you have created a clean environment for yourself and your family, it will be easier to get back into a regular routine. Then you can start back to school shopping! 

What do you do with the clutter and clothing that you no longer need?

It is as easy as one phone call. 505-Junk is your one-stop shop for junk removal and clothing donations. Our partnership with the Salvation Army of Canada allows us to take donatable clothing free of charge during any regularly scheduled junk removal pick-up. That way you can get rid of those unwanted items and donate your reusable clothing at the same time! 

Back to School Recycling and Donations

Our goal is to divert as much material as possible from our local Vancouver Landfill by partnering with local transfer stations, recyclers, and charities who care for the environment as much as we do. This way you can ensure that your items are being recycled properly. 

According to research completed by CBC news, around 20,000 tonnes of textiles are thrown out each year. With our Salvation Army partnership, we are able to divert thousands of pounds worth of clothing from our Vancouver landfill and into the hands of those in need during back to school. 

To schedule a pick-up, phone (604) 505-5865 or book online using the link above.