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Case Study: Pacific Solutions Contracting

Pacific Solutions & 505-Junk

Project Name: Mount Pleasant Vintage & Provisions

Tell us a bit about the partnership between Pacific Solutions and 505-Junk.

505-Junk and Pacific Solutions first started working together in May of 2019. Since then, we have worked on 59 job sites and counting throughout the Greater Vancouver area. The pickups range from the removal of waste from large demolition projects, to smaller pickups of offcuts so we can help them ensure appropriate disposal of all materials, small and big.

What really makes the partnership thrive is the shared values of both companies: a drive for excellence in service, creating a supportive and positive work environment, and a desire to do the right thing. 

Part of doing the right thing has been our focus on diverting construction waste from our local landfills. The Pacific Solutions team cares about the environment, and they are diligent about separating demolition waste so that as much as possible can be recycled or repurposed. This includes drywall, concrete, dirt, metal, wood, and more.

What was the first Pacific Solutions project that you worked on?

The first project that we worked on was in May of 2019 in Vancouver’s West End, which was the conversion of a restaurant into a yoga studio. The Pacific Solutions team completed the demolition in house, and the 505-Junk team loaded the trucks and hauled over 50,000 lbs of material away. Together, we were able to divert 82% of material from the landfill. This included metal, concrete, tile, wood, appliances, and drywall, totalling 42,260 lbs. Through the use of our onboard weighing systems on 505-Junk trucks, we are able to get exact metrics, and take the material to the appropriate recycling facilities.

What projects are you working on right now?

A really interesting project that we’re working on together is Mount Pleasant Vintage and Provisions. The developer built HOUSS, a unique building in Mount Pleasant featuring strata office, light industrial, and a restaurant space. The commercial building was built around an iconic Vancouver heritage home, and the Pacific Solutions team is giving it a second life . 

What’s the update on this project?

Mount Pleasant is becoming more and more dense, with a very high-demand for tenant improvement projects and new construction for commercial buildings. As density increases, the ability to place a bin on site is no longer a solution during construction projects. This particular project requires speedy pick-ups and a team to load out material, as they transform the heritage home into a restaurant. 

What’s next?

On our next job site with Pacific Solutions Contracting, we’ll be giving you a front to back update on a construction project, including the diversion rate, type of materials being removed and the exact weight, as well as an inside look on what happens with the materials during the recycling process. Until then!