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Junk Removal By Weight

Junk Removal West Vancouver

Have you ever felt overcharged by a junk removal company in the past? This could be because the company uses a volume-based price model, which is very subjective. It all depends on how well the company stacks the truck and their opinion on how full the truck really is. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they are operating unethically, but are perhaps using a dated and broken business model. That’s why we charge junk removal by weight.

With 505-Junk’s pay-by-weight model, you can guarantee that you are only paying for the exact amount of material that we take away, and not a pound more. Our government-certified onboard scales help us take the guesswork out of the process. 

Junk Removal by Weight Scale

Why we charge junk removal by weight

As a growing company, it is important to us that we follow our core values: 

  • Integrity: Build our reputation & brand by doing the right thing.
  • Excellence: Provide outstanding customer experiences.
  • Accountability: Be intentional about decisions, goals, & results.
  • Innovation: Build our reputation & brand by doing the right thing.
  • Growth: Invest in the development of our people, clients, & resources.

When our founders Barry Hartman and Scott Foran started 505-Junk in 2011, they saw an opportunity in the junk removal industry that had never been done before. The opportunity was charging for junk removal by weight. While all other companies charged by volume, Barry and Scott decided to change the junk removal industry with their innovative idea. Out of 150+ junk removal companies in Greater Vancouver, 505-Junk is the first and only company to charge junk removal by weight.

Our goal is to provide the same “unmatched” service for all clients every single time. The onboard scale system helps us demonstrate integrity as we grow our company. The scales are 99.3% accurate and are certified and calibrated by Measurement Canada. Once our truck team members load your materials onto the truck, they weigh the items on-site and print a weight ticket so you can see exactly how much everything weighs. This fully transparent model of charging junk removal by weight ensures that our teams are always honest with our clients because there is no way for them to overcharge for our service. 

Furthermore, we define excellence as providing outstanding customer experiences. As our client base grows, we have found that over 95% of our commercial clients and 50% of our residential clients use us again (and again). The onboard scales help us deliver the same quality service every single time to every client. Our uniformed professionals are the best in the business and will always help in any way they can. We spend over 3 months training new operations employees.

In 2022, 505-Junk was awarded one of the fastest-growing companies in Canada with 100% growth over the past few years. Additionally, we recently launched a free clothing pick-up service in partnership with the Salvation Army. Every person in this company plays a key role in our continued success and will only help the company grow further. We believe it is important to invest in your people and build them up with the company. It is equally important to invest in our clients and resources, which is why we have launched our tree-planting referral program where we plant 2 trees for every referral job that we receive. 

Benefits of charging junk removal by weight

There are many benefits to charging junk removal by weight rather than volume. First and foremost, when our teams take your unwanted materials to private transfer stations for recycling, we are charged by weight to dispose of them. Therefore, it only makes sense that we charge our clients by weight as well. This allows us to be very fair and transparent. 

Additionally, we can assist construction professionals with the recycling of building materials on their LEED project sites. Our onboard scales allow us to weigh each type of material separately on the weight ticket so that we can take multiple types of materials in the same load. This helps us track the total weight of recyclable materials that we divert from the landfill.  

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    Customer Reviews 

    “So impressed with this company. Customer service was excellent in arranging junk pickup, and communication was great. The truck arrived when expected and the two people with it worked extremely hard. They did a wonderful job and went over and above what was expected. I loved the idea of a truck with a scale so everything was easily calculated. Two thumbs up!” 

    “I had a great experience working with 505-Junk this week. The customer service over the phone was excellent, and the movers were on time, efficient, and careful not to damage anything. And the price was fantastic considering how much they moved out of our old place. Furniture, boxes, bags, and even some old exercise equipment. I will definitely be recommending 505-Junk to any friends or family that are looking for a junk removal by weight service. Thanks, guys!”

    “I’ve used 505 Junk for both my home and work so many times now and every time I have had amazingly great customer service and they’re so efficient! They’ve always been open and honest with their pricing and payments are easy. They make it all so easy for you as a customer. I’ve used other removal companies in the past and they’ve been ok but 505-Junk is on a higher level of ease and service 10/10 will only use these folks for junk removal!” 

    “Joey answered my call to get a quote and was both extremely friendly and knowledgeable. On the day of junk, pick-up staff were communicative and timely. The job was done quickly and the cost was fair – appreciated seeing the receipt with the total amount junk removal by weight that was done. Would definitely recommend them to anyone needing junk removal.”