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Property Management Junk Removal

There are many aspects of property management junk removal that can keep you busy and at 505-Junk, we understand that. It may be dumped material on the property, overflowing garbage bins, an abandoned unit, or a tenant moving out. Our goal is to make these so-called problems disappear! 

How We Support Property Managers

As a full-service junk removal company in the industry for over 10 years, we strive to support property managers in any way we can. We offer on-call services, bin overflow clean-up, regularly scheduled maintenance pickups, and junk days to name a few. 

On-call Property Management Junk Removal

There may be times when unwanted materials are abandoned/dumped in parking areas, alleyways, or other areas of the property. We understand that randomly dumped items can cause headaches and eyesores for those in the area, so it is essential to take care of them immediately. 505-Junk is only a phone call away. Our call center is open 7-days a week and we have 10+ trucks operating Monday through Saturday. 

Bin Overflow Clean-up

Sometimes people create more garbage and recycling than expected, or the garbage/recycling removal company that is supposed to empty the bins does not show up. We are able to remove the overflow garbage/recycling in these bins to create more space for residents to fill. 

Recurring Scheduled Pickups

Think of us as an extension of your company. Instead of calling us every time the junk piles up, we can schedule weekly, bi-weekly or monthly pickups so your property remains junk free. We work with you to determine how frequently you need pickups and schedule dates that work best for you. This way, you have one less thing to worry about on a daily basis. 

Property Management Junk Removal Days 

The fastest-growing service we offer for our property management junk removal clients is “junk days.” They have become very popular over the last few years to help residents declutter their units. We schedule a pickup for a day that works best for you while providing residents with enough notice to bring their materials into one specified location on the property. Our team then comes by and removes all the material within that area, weighs it all on-site, and then sends an invoice once the job is complete. These joint tenant junk days help to reduce dumping throughout the year. 

Diversion Tracking 

One of our goals at 505-Junk is to divert as much material from the landfill as possible. With the ability to track the amount of weight taken from a job site, we can provide strata with information regarding how much recyclable material is diverted from our local landfill. It is important for our environment to reduce the amount of material that ends up in our landfills. Together we can help reduce the pollution from our landfill and create a better future for the next generation! 

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Next Steps For Your Property Management Junk Removal Needs.

To learn more about how we can support your property management team, visit our Property Management page or provide us with your information and we can reach out.