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Video: Climate Smart Helps Reduce Carbon Emissions

505-Junk's newest junk removal Vancouver truck

When Climate-Smart approached us to be a part of a collaborative video with several climate-smart businesses, we didn’t hesitate to say yes. In this video, you will find an array of companies that are putting their best foot forward to help reduce carbon emissions from their daily operations. Some of these companies include the PNEContinental RoofingDigitechMills Office ProductivityProcurifyRecycling AlternativeVancity and, of course, your friends at 505-Junk.

Thanks to some support from Vancity, we were able to enrol two staff members into the Climate Smart program to get a better understanding of the different aspects that might be affecting climate change. We looked at the core service of our company and the majority of the emissions being produced were naturally from the logistics of our truck operations. Find out how we reduced them in the video below!

The key takeaway from the report with Climate Smart was that our general operations were more efficient, which resulted in decreased emissions per $1,000 in revenue. While our emissions did increase from 2012-2014 due to company growth, we cut our emissions per $1,000K by 50%. This was due to an increase in recycling, donating to local thrift stores, installing scales on all company trucks, and more efficient route planning. It is our goal to not only service our clients, but make sure we can help them reduce their carbon footprint at the same time!

Thanks again to Climate Smart and Vancity for this amazing opportunity to be a part of their video.

505-Junk is a 2015 Climate Smart business.